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  Gold taro is affiliated with Beijing force source shengda technology center(13718952719)Is a collection development、 Design、Processing、Production、The installation、And to undertake various kinds of stainless steel construction is a body comprehensive enterprise。 The company in the long-term processing practice Win in the long,Strive for perfection,The root of the product quality as enterprise survival,The quality of service as we become The work of the bridge,Won a good reputation in customer group,Companies adhering to the“People-oriented,Go all out,The pursuit of high quality”The idea of,Abide by“The good faith cooperation、Mutual benefit”The aim of the,In the spirit of professional focus,Speech force to create excellent products and corporate image,For each product fully occupied,Strive for Every detail of fine quality,Ensure that the product has superior performance,Beautiful appearance and excellent quality,The company products by the favor of users...

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