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Anyang house decoration engineering co., LTD
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Service concept
Enjoy the decoration process
Love home life
Enjoy the decoration process、Love home life
Environmental protectionThe whole house is really green environmental protection
Layers of acceptance from the base material to the finished product
Global sourcingDozens of reliable cooperation brand,Zhen by heart
Choose good materials to build high quality decoration
European standard projectDedicated to domestic outfit“0”Pollution;
Auxiliary materials strict European environmental standards;

Formaldehyde to exceed bidThe brand company no environmental protection concept and professional technology
Even use the building materials that amount to formaldehyde to exceed bid

3 without the productTraditional home outfit without fixed brand suppliers,Flow velocity
When buying 3 without the product,Quality of care

Churn outConstruction group without professional knowledge or experience
Leave security hidden danger to decorate
Decorate a case
Light and decoration styleNew Chinese style styleContemporary and contracted styleAmerican styleEurope type styleMix building a styleMediterranean styleDomestic outfit designMore and more cases
New Chinese style style decoration
New Chinese style style decorationEnjoy the decoration process、 Love home life!
New Chinese style is installed between example
New Chinese style is installed between exampleEnjoy the decoration process、 Love home life!
New Chinese style decoration style rendering
New Chinese style decoration style renderingEnjoy the decoration process、 Love home life!
Modern new Chinese style decoration effect
Modern new Chinese style decoration effectEnjoy the decoration process、 Love home life!
New Chinese style style decorating company
New Chinese style style decorating companyEnjoy the decoration process、 Love home life!
New Chinese style style decorating case
New Chinese style style decorating caseEnjoy the decoration process、 Love home life!
Service commitments
Promised not to subcontract

Promised not to subcontract

Commitment to price transparency

Commitment to price transparency, No stealth increase consumption


Commitment1+8Service,Engineering director The whole approach,Designer,The construction Team8+The whole real-time WeChat report

Commitment to genuine materials

Commitment to genuine materials,Is Product guarantee,Fake a penalty five

Commitment to construction schedule

Commitment to construction schedule,Eight acceptance of the house

Promise not to expiration

Promise not to expiration, Yan card construction schedule

Commitment5Years of free warranty

Commitment5Years of free warranty, Water and electricity5Years,Waterproof for life

Commitment to regularly visit each year

Commitment to regularly visit each year, Domestic outfit adviser for life。

The core competitiveness
Service process
To make an appointment

To make an appointment

The project design

The project design

Sign the contract

Sign the contract

Hard construction

Hard construction

Of acceptance

Of acceptance

The construction of soft outfit

The construction of soft outfit

The overall acceptance

The overall acceptance

After-sales service

After-sales service

Brand story
  Ann Yang Blue blood Loading Act the role ofing Work Cheng Set Meter Accountability Ren There is Limit The male Department,Is a set design、The construction、Supervision、Act the role of after service in a body's decoration company。The company was founded in 2002 Years 6Month,Passing by17Years of rapid development,Current customers3300Homes,The referral rate20%,In order to“Standardization、Refinement、More scientific”Quality to provide customers high quality、Perfect products and services。
  As anyang decoration company,Anyang decorate a company,My company mainly undertake the anyang decoration design,Anyang decoration,Home improvement projects and the surrounding areas of anyang anyang home outfit。The company development17Over the years,Has been adhering to the“Science、Fashion、Environmental protection、Personality”Domestic outfit concept,Through the design idea of innovation,To meet the needs of our customers;Through technical innovation,To change the original complicated construction mode;Through the technological innovation,To improve the quality of construction;Through the unified distribution of materials,Put an end to all fake、Substandard goods into the construction site;Through continuous innovation of management ideas,The company gradually standardized、A routing、More scientific。
  Anyang house decoration has an innovative team of professional designers,Work experience in10Years of above,They are going to art taste、Environmental protection concept and customer requirements,Cleverly integrated into the varied home outfit,Meet the demand of the modern consumer's personality。...
To check the details
The development courseThe development courseThe enterprise cultureThe enterprise cultureTeamTeamContact usContact us

BaoLiangDesign director

Graduate Schoo:Zhengzhou institute of light industry environmental art design major
Work experience:In the design work9Years
To make an appointment
Mei-juan zhou

Mei-juan zhouProfessional designers

Graduate Schoo:Luoyang normal college environmental art design major
Work experience:In the design work10Years
To make an appointment
Yang Yanhua

Yang YanhuaProfessional designers

Graduate Schoo:Zhongyuan environmental art professional college of engineering
Work experience:In the design work13
To make an appointment
Wang Xi

Wang XiA young designer

Graduate Schoo:Anyang vocational and technical college professional graphic design
Work experience:In the design work3Years
To make an appointment
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