Hui xian over the years focused on website construction,Help thousands of companies to build the brand image。After continuous technical accumulation,Hui xian custom software has demand、Image design、Write the code、Test deployment、Web site for the record, such as a complete set of mature service process,Can accurate alignment with customer focus,Establish corporate websites for clients。
WeChat is a public platform to individuals、Enterprises and organizations to provide business services and user management capabilities of new service platform。In recent years,With the popularity of WeChat,WeChat public has become one of the important means of marketing。Hui xian software at the same time is also committed to WeChat public development,Provide for the customer from the public, apply to the public, put into use of one-stop service。Hui xian will be according to the actual use requirements of customers,The construction of the function of the corresponding plate,Help customers to promote themselves,More convenient to do business, and receive feedback。
As a software company,In the mobile phone application software development and services,Hui xian also owns a professional solid、Vibrant and losing stable technical team。Hui xianiOS、AndroidSuch as the mainstream systemAPPDevelopment services,To help traditional enterprises layoutPCThe web site、Mobile station、APPEcosystem consisting of multiple platforms, such as the Internet。After the customer demand,Hui xian will function and demand analysis and optimization,Preliminary establishedAPPThe main function design and interface design,Agreed with the customer to continue the next step of development,Strive for perfection the customer idea of a mobile phoneAPP。
VRThe virtual reality technology,Is a kind of can create and experience the virtual world of computer simulation system,Can be applied to medicine、Entertainment、Military and space、Interior design、Real estate development、Industrial simulation and so on all walks of life。Throughout the yearVRHardware technology has been increasingly mature environment,Hui xian beganVRThe development of content,To providePCThe client and the mobile terminalVRProject development。Create a virtual scene products display for our customers,To build virtual reality sales cloud platform, etc,Provide unsurpassed immersive experience。
The case of making web sites
Wenzhou orienteering association's website
Wenzhou orienteering association was founded2013Years,Since the establishment of the association,Large and small event ever held100Many a time,Its founding“To explore the ou more”City orientation is become a feature of wenzhou events。
Wake up yue creatures

Zhejiang woke up yue biotechnology co., LTD. As a national high and new technology enterprise,Zhejiang province key leading enterprises in forestry and green enterprises in zhejiang province,Companies relying on domestic and foreign senior r&d team and the productivity of new and high technology,More than three years of research and development and production,Finally made pure plant from ingesting a healthy drink——Wake up yue pure plant from ingesting drinks,China green foodstuff leading brand to wake up,Created a new functional plant drinks from ingesting era。

CAPITALThe capsule is a Australia capsule hotel projects,Mainly to provide clients with capsule hotel service。
Dongfeng plastic

Wenzhou ouhai dongfeng plastic chuan aid agent works is located in the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta economic zone converge to the south of zhejiang,Based on wenzhou's unique geographical advantage,Company product sales regions throughout the country,Such as zhejiang、Min、Sue、Shanghai、Guangdong and other domestic economic active regions。Company specializing in the production、Sales paste zinc barium、Barium zinc cream、The composite stabilizer、A good agent to the paste lubrication、Aromatic hydrocarbons plasticizer、ZType of microcellular foaming agent, etcpvcStabilizing agent,Plasticizer,Transparent stabilizer。Company products are widely used in wire and cable、Thin film、The sole of the shoe、Strip, etcpvcThe production of plastic products。

A mobile phoneAppCase
Grapefruit motion platform

Grapefruit movement is a collection of events for registration、Individual sports、Sports equipment and other services and integrated personalityApp。Motion platform is exquisitely designed,Welcome by the masses of sports enthusiasts。

And embellish the livelihood of the people shopping platform
Hui xian10Months meticulously and embellish the livelihood of the people shopping platform。The platform integrates shopping mall、Locate near convenient service、Integral rebates and other functions。The platform fully functional,Provide service for citizens all aspects of life,The popular。
Glasses mall
Mall is given priority to with glasses to purchase,With contact lenses、Fittings such as lens solution,Target market accurately,Positioning of glasses。
Wedding platform
Targeting young people wedding market,The main services for young couples to marry。To provide wedding supplies sales,Wedding banquet reservation,Custom to know,Couples with one-stop service。
WeChat development case
Wenzhou citizen CARDS

Wenzhou city citizen CARDS(The full name:Wenzhou city social security·The card)It is to point to by wenzhou city human resources and social security department joint local part of the commercial Banks to issue,Convenient the cardholder to handle various social affairs、Enjoy the public service integrated circuit card of the project。

Dreamworks force day car

And in2012Years7Month12Day day held a permanent site and BBS force car dreamworks project foundation stone laying ceremony。Factory covers an area of car dreams210m,The construction scale25Million square meters,With a total investment of about13.5One hundred million yuan,Is a collection of car culture、Auto expo、Motor sport、Auto trade and sales、Car business and tourism、Automobile theme of life and services in a never ending fashion theme city car。


CAPITALThe capsule is a Australia capsule hotel projects,Mainly to provide clients with capsule hotel service。

ShangCheng capital

 Shenzhen ShangCheng one product asset management co., LTD., specialized in asset management services。Company oriented to high net worth clients to provide customized investment management and advisory services,Through to the macroeconomic trends forward-looking judgment and the depth of mining in the subject matter of the investment,With reasonable flexible configuration of the assets。

Hui xian

Wenzhou hui xian software industry co., LTD., focusing on the Internet,Has the rich Internet experience in product development,Has a strong system of products and services,For customers tailored professional website production、Web page creation、WeChat marketing and other services。

The company will unswervingly take the customer as the center,With great concentration technology research and development products,Pay attention to product quality and sincere service,Brought together a group of professional talents in the field of technology,Make up the business for the young and middle-aged technology backbone of high-quality scientific research team,In continuous product research and development practice has accumulated rich experience in product design and profound theoretical knowledge。Company's main business:A mobile phoneAppDevelopment、WeChat promotion plan、Web site production services and education solutions。

“Innovation、Focus、The good faith”Sage is remit consistent pursuit,To provide customers with high quality、Security、Reliable technology and product is hui xian guidelines of the eternal。We will continue to surpass oneself,Continue to create value for customers,Better quality of technology、Products and services!

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