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  • HTOType of high temperature high pressure dyeing machine(Treasure cylinder)
  • HYOType of high temperature high pressure dyeing machine(No cloth guide roller)
  • HJHigh temperature high pressure dyeing machine series
  • HTBA series of high temperature and high pressure jet dyeing machine
  • HJWSeries fabric guide roller high temperature high pressure dyeing machine
  • HTC-3kgThe single and double cylinder sample dyeing machine
  • HTK-5KGSuper penetration of sample color measurement instrument
  • HTC-1Low bath ratio sample color test instrument
  • HTCSeries of prototype
  • HTA-5 ~150High temperature and high speed loose type dyeing in the prototype
  • Swing small sample test instrument
  • The infra-red dyeing machine
  • HTZ-24PRoll type of infrared ray, and the cup of universal machine
  • SWProof press type microcomputer control rotary waters
  • RJ-1180High temperature type small prototype(The elevator)
  • JY-12P/24PRoom temperature oscillation proof press
  • HS-12P/24PHigh temperature test machine
  • HS-OBarrel dyeing machine
  • HS-2KGRibbon dyeing machine
  • HT-150A/BFrequency conversion computer jig dyeing small prototype
  • WE-1The rope dyeing machine
  • Beam fabric yarn tester
  • HT3-10kgCone yarn test prototype
  • HDF241BHigh temperature and high pressure package dyeing machine
  • P-A0、P-B0Small car
  • R-3Automatic drying setting machine
  • 101AType electric drum wind drying oven
  • HTR-800Pilot far infrared hot air
  • HTR-600Pilot far infrared hot air
  • RC-LDXContinuous dryer

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Huaxia technology co., LTD., founded in jingjiang city2004New Year is located in the beautiful Yangtze river delta,Is China textile academy of sciences and jiangnan branch units。Huaxia technology specialized is engaged in the research and development、Dyeing and finishing machinery、Pharmaceutical machinery、Chemical equipment and water treatment equipment。China was awarded the high-tech enterprise in jiangsu province science and technology,Won the national prototype technology research and development center in dyeing and finishing、Private technology enterprises in jiangsu province、Taizhou enterprise of observing contract and so on many honors,And passedISO9001Quality management system、CESecurity and bank credit ratingAAASuch as certification。
         Science and technology with China pilot laboratory、High efficiency and energy saving digital dyeing and finishing equipment, the key technology research and development institutions, such as research and development center,With an experienced long engaged in printing and dyeing equipment manufacturing、Installation and after-sales service team...

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