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Turning up for real"High purity tellurium--Tellurium compounds"Based on the industrial chain of,Constantly develop and launch cutting-edge materials required by the market。Has a high purity metal compounds production technology patents, etc、Generic has its own technology7Items。Professional talent and technology advantage,For the company's technology innovation、Product development and industrialization,Laid a solid foundation。Through independent research and development of science and technology combined with the introduction of the road,Through independent innovation,The development of copper indium gallium selenide material synthesis technology——CVDChemical vapor deposition andTHMThe mobile heating production process。On behalf of the copper indium gallium selenide solar cell materials production technology development direction,With the international advanced level。With independent intellectual property rights。The company introduced the advancedICPTesting equipment,Ensure the whole quality guarantee in the production process,A leading position in the industry。
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2019In turning up to the annual meeting
Turning up to all the staff together for dinner,Enjoy the Spring Festival!In the face of the New Year,We will be full of enthusiasm for turning up to money。In the New Year,Through the joint efforts of all employees turning up to must be able to achieve a new leap forward、New brilliance。
2019-01-03Zhejiang qinghua Yangtze delta institute school party committee members、Deputy dean Shao Xiangrong a line to visit our company to visit guidance
2018-08-06Nick formal acquisition turning up to