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Depp pontoon bridgeIs domestic specialized is engaged inThe ancient bridgeLandscape pontoon bridgeTraffic pontoon bridge、Aluminum alloy Bridges、Floating home design、To build a professional enterprise。

The company has completed more than domestic projects and water projects,Such as:Sichuan nanchong jialing river landscape pontoon bridge、Tibetan lalu wetland park bridge state、Jiangxi lushan west sea bridge、Shenzhen oct east"Tea valleys"Wetland park landscape pontoon bridgeShanghai mountain mine pontoon bridgeYiwu city wan shan ancient bridgeAnd so on。

God jade island landscape pontoon bridge in hainan
“Tea valleys”Wetland park landscape pontoon bridge
Zhaoqing rock landscape pontoon bridge

Landscape pontoon bridge

Depp designers to absorb the new design idea and advanced technology in the world,Modern landscape pontoon bridge design conform to the trend of The Times。To extract the representative traditional elements,Use modern technology to interpretation,Your landscape pontoon bridge with the smell of the new era。

The ancient bridge

The ancient bridge is all specimens of pontoon bridge,With unique folk customs,Accumulating thick spiritual treasure,Has undergone long s,Depp can believe through history to stay must be of the essence,Facts have proved true,Depp get a glimpse of its clear from the debris of the civilization of the figure,Insight into the beautiful scenery of the remote。

Typical cases

Depp pontoon is involved in many important bridge projects、Construction。Such as:Shanghai mountain floating bridge、Yiwu city wan shan ancient bridge、Tibet lalu pontoon bridge……We have accumulated more than ten years of experience and engineering technology,To provide you with reliable and service system

Traffic pontoon bridge

Traffic pontoon bridge is composed of a number of good versatility and interchangeability of tank units,According to different needs,After the configuration necessary special equipment or tools,Widely used in traffic security、 Water project construction and special engineering and other fields,Especially suitable for inaccessible areas and shallow water area。

The latest dynamic

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