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Qingzhou Wallace says innovative materials co., LTD is a production and business operation composite ceramic conductive evaporation boat、Hexagonal boron nitride powder and high technology of optical coating material production business enterprise,Is a large hexagonal boron nitride production enterprises,Product quality is stable,Excellent production technology、Good tooling equipment。Adopt scientific management methods,Strict production standards and pragmatic working attitude,Manufactured products quality and cheap,They have gained themselves the trust of the broad masses of users and favor。

The company to develop production line at the same timeBNSeries of ceramic products、Conductive composite ceramic evaporation boat,And developed the purity boron nitride and its products,Six boride lanthanum products such as optical coating technology supporting material,Products equipment, such as long-term supply lai bao guang learn well-known optical equipment manufacturers。

Qingzhou Wallace says gen material co., LTD,Specialize in Six boride lanthanum Composite ceramic evaporation boat Boron nitride ceramics Hexagonal boron nitride powder Aluminum nitride Boron nitride And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:13573690588

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