Hebi xin rong casting industry limited liability company is the original“Hebi coal machinery manufacture co., LTD. Casting plant”Restructuring of the casting company。The company was founded in1958Years,In2001Years to complete restructuring;Now in henan hebi city mountain city Station Road3Number,In the east of beijing-guangzhou railway、Beijing-zhuhai expressway、107National highway,The geographical position is extremely superior。
      Company technical force is abundant,Have a professional quality excellent technical team。One of them,Senior engineer3Name、Engineer11Name、Quality inspection personnel16Name,Technician23Name。With a new process new material research and development ability;Can be usedCADAndPRO/EFor 2 d and 3 d design;Can be used“China castingCAE/InteCASTCasting process analysis system”Analyze the casting process,Further optimization of casting process。
      The company advanced casting equipment、Is complete。It happened25t/h、10t/hAlkaline phenolic resin sand production line;5Tons of three-phase electric arc furnaces two;575kgA medium frequency furnace;2500kgTwo medium frequency furnace;Q7710Type、Spray joint a cleaning equipment;Q365CCar type shot blasting cleaning machine;Heat treatment equipment450KW、480KwEach one large resistance box type heat treatment furnace;40Tons of large gas heat treatment furnace。
      In the planned economy80S time for sichuan dongfang first、Heavy duty motor factory in Beijing、Wuhan manufacturer produces a large number of small and medium-sized turbine steam turbine factory and other accessories;Now the Japanese Toshiba group after restructuring、Heavy duty motor factory in Beijing、China Yangtze power group co., LTD、Jinzhou steam turbine works、Shandong green power co., LTD、Guangzhou guangzhong enterprise group co., LTD., factory production of a large amount of high temperature resistant、Resistance to high pressure、High quality alloy steel castings;As the central plains Oil fields、Wuxi jin, science and technology co., LTD、Yancheng faith petroleum machinery factory、Yancheng three petrochemical machinery co., LTD、Heaven and earth science and technology co., LTD., Shanghai branch、In the nuclear Sue valve、Yancheng tsusho valve co., LTD、Newman valve co., LTD、Nantong high-medium pressure valves co., LTD、Yancheng high-medium pressure valves co., LTD、Yancheng SAN tai valve co., LTD、Yancheng sida DE financial resources of the people, the valve co., LTD、Produced a large complex steel etc;Through foreign trade companies,Steel has produced many batches of exports。
      Company detection equipment is complete,Color can be performed、Magnetic powder、Ultrasonic nondestructive flaw detection, etc;Equipped with spectro direct reading spectrometer imported from Germany,Can perform a variety of elements of the test,And mechanical properties can be completed、The determination of physical properties,Equipped with furnace before measure and center tests measure。
My company with total quality management as the core,Giving full play to the advantages of enterprise,Potential for mining enterprises,Ensure all quality standards requirements。
      According to the market demand,Our company has established the Huang Zhuzao branch and machining branch,Machining branch company mainly engaged in all kinds of equipment and products of non-standard production and order。The company has large-scale equipment8M、6.3M、5M、3.5M(DVT350*25/32)、2.5M、1.6M(C5116A)Each one heavy duty vertical lathe,TK6916、TK6920、JTX6113、JTX6113B、JTX6111Each one landing boring machine and the sleeping car、Drilling machine and other advanced equipment。The company has advanced mechanical production equipment and supporting facilities,Processing technology mature,Processing range,High machining precision,Can fully satisfy the customer demand in different areas,Over the years the quality of our unremitting efforts and high-end is recognized by customers from all walks of life and high praise。
      Sincerely hope to establish long-term cooperative relationship with customers from all walks of life,Mutual development progress together create brilliant!
      Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to guide。

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