Quzhou Mr Kay chemical co., LTDQuzhou in zhejiang province is located in four provinces thoroughfare,Water and land transportation is very convenient,Specialized in fine chemical industry、Pharmaceutical intermediates、Pharmaceutical raw materials: Da paxil,Methylamine methanol solution,Methylamine ethanol solution ,Methylene chloride,2,2-Dimethoxy propane,,Two isobutyl aluminium hydride,The fluorine benzaldehyde,Tetrahydrofuran,N-butyl lithium,Anhydrous aluminum chloride,Tert-butyl methyl chlorosilane,Tertiary butyl xylene chlorosilane(+)/(-)-Two different pine pinic chloride borane,Tertiary butyl diphenyl chlorosilane,Dimethyl silicone oil,Six methyl two silazane,Diphenyl ethoxy phosphate,Triethyl boron,Triphenyl phosphate,Triphenyl phosphorus oxygen,Sodium borohydride,Butyl acyl methyl acetate,Acetyl tertiary butyl acetate,Tertiary butyl acetate,Products such as production and business operations,Quzhou……
 Beauty e.faecalis intermediates
 1-Fluorinated naphthalene
 Intermediate of abiraterone
 Methylamine methanol series
 Methylamine ethanol series
 Fine chemicals(Solvents)
 Strong reducing agent、Borane series
 Tertiary butyl ester series
 Organic silicon series
 3-Two groups-1-Methyl pyrazole-4-Ethyl formate
 Intermediates for card
 Pyrazole series

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