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Natural gas price adjustment notice

The natural gas users:Development and reform commission according to xi 'an《The city hair to hair[2019]121Number》File,Regarding issues such as natural gas price adjustment notice as follows: A、Adjust the pipeline gas sales price1、Gas sale price total of residents0.02Yuan/m³,See the table below:The serial number years gas ladder(m³)Ge fei independent heating heating selling price(Hanging boiler)Yuan/m³1The first order0-480(Contain)2000(Contain)2.052The second order480-660(Contain)2000-3000(Contain)2.463The third order660The above3000The above3.082、Non-resident gas sale price cut0.02Yuan/m³,For adjustment2.23Yuan/m³。3、Non-residential users perform residents gas prices,Including schools、The kindergarten、Pension welfare institutions、Urban community residents' committees、Bring your own boiler heating、Municipal central heating,Does not perform residents ladder price,Gas prices in the first step terminal based on price0.02Yuan/m³,The standard is2.07Yuan/m³。4、Residents ladder price settlement cycle is still in years,The starting time for the settlement period each year1Month1To the day12Month31Day。2、Price adjustment from the execution time2019Years4Month1Date of implementation。Note:More than the original content, please login or xi xi 'an development and reform commission price bureau official website、Chang 'an gas network media, such as the official website online query,Or in my company's business hall site query。Xi 'an price bureau: chang 'an natural gas co., LTD's official website:http://www.mashenghuo.cnChang 'an gas24Hours customer service hotline:96677Xian changan gas co., LTD2019Years4Month1Day

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