M cloned workers gauge industrial co., LTD. Was established in hanzhong city2004Years,In2011Years in han area town industrial park。Is a non-contact photoelectric measuring taper detector and various professional manufacturers,Shaanxi province has a sizeable private manufacturing enterprises,The main products are:Smooth plug gauge、Smooth ring gauge、Thread plug gauge、Thread ring gauge、With calipers、Taper gauge、Fixture position degrees、Non-contact intelligent digital precision detector、Auto parts and other products;Products are widely used in machinery、Electrons、A car、High-speed rail、Highway, etc。  By the companyISO9000Quality system certification and automotive industryTS16949Quality management system certification,The winner of shaanxi province“Specialization is new”Small and medium-sized enterprises、Shaanxi province privately operated science and technology enterprises、Shaanxi province high and new technology enterprise、Shaanxi province industry star enterprise、The transformation and upgrading of private economy demonstration enterprise in shaanxi province, China、The fifth China innovation entrepreneurship competition, shanxi division third prize honor,National high and new technology enterprise is declared,Have been identified as provincial famous trademark,Shaanxi province famous brand products、The product quality good faith double satisfaction unit in shaanxi province, China。The company independent research and development of the grating image composite measurement method won the national invention patent、Patent achievements products taper non-contact photoelectric detector in the international leading level,The image measuring instrument for domestic initiative,For measuring precision0.001mm,Belong to the international leading level。
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Hanzhong meters cloned workers gauge industrial co., LTD
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