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       Luoding rice sweet garden in agricultural science and technology co., LTD. Is located in China mainly well-known region--Northern latitude22°Luo certain dish,Was established2007Years,Is engaged in the research、Since the species、Produced、Sales of the whole industry chain from private enterprises。Is guangdong province agriculture leading enterprises,The company independent brand“Poly dragon”Macao DMM won China's top ten brand high quality rice、National geographical indication protection products、Brand-name products in guangdong province、New products of agricultural products in guangdong province、Guangdong rice and famous trademarks of guangdong province,Won many domestic and international gold prize。 The company insists on“Let the people realize high quality life”The management idea,Using the ancient farming,Natural health and combined with modern technology methods of production,The whole industry chain development of rice,The formation of independent research and development、Planting、Reserves、Processing、Logistics and distribution system,Create“Julong meters”High-end brand of rice,Company fully implement precise agriculture iot system development

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  • Northern latitude22°The sunshine of rice Cinnamon stick

  • Luo certain rice Silk is in Australia

  • Northern latitude22°Macao DMM

    Grain of rice、Soft comfortable、Slippery、The sweet,The indicators is superior to the ordinary rice。

  • Northern latitude22°Cinnamon stick

    Grain of long and thin、Glittering and translucent get rid of、A shrimp flesh,Light smooth palate is fine、A faint scent

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