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    About us

    Gaoan jia rong trucks co., LTD. Is a collection of trucks for sale,Transport of goods,Car mortgage、On the door、Affiliated to a truck service company,Have a lot of old customer in the truck industry,Also make more friends of all stripes,In customers and laid a good reputation in the enterprise image,The truck has long-term stable enough resources、Dump truck freight information,Let you cool, customer demand for better meet is I......

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    Jia rong announcement

    Gaoan rong trucks co., LTD。Old customer turns head high。Companies adhering to the“To have a guest、The good faith、Responsibility、Youdao、To share”The enterprise culture。The driver friend hand in hand for a better life。

    Company sales truck and all kinds of luxury cars。Rich in industry、Rich in vehicles。Because the company's options are in one hand、Price concessions、And the company has a dedicated trucks appraiser will take you to choose the suitable model、The company now......

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    Business philosophy
    Our philosophy is:High reliability、High cost performance、High quality service is our eternal pursuit of goals
    News and information

    Cars, oil is common but again,But some careless drivers tend to give their car oil by mistake。Add wrong oil. What should I do?