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Address:Penglai city south king street agency
The phone:0535-5981197
A mobile phone: 13708908047
Contacts:Guang-zhong wang
Zip code:265600

Net The address:www.mashenghuo.cn

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    Fairyland penglai city in shandong province in the far east optical components co., LTD is located in penglai city,Is the place where legend ensemble。There are opening port of national first class,Is a national seashore scenic tourist city。Land, sea and air transportation is very convenient,Only from penglai port to dalian4Hours,Highway entrance from the company3KM,Penglai railway station from the company1KM,Is apart from the yantai airport only20KMHigh-speed non-stop。
  Optical components co., LTD. Was established in penglai city in shandong province the far east1992Years,Cover an area of an area5000Square meters,The construction area2500Square meters,Total assets1000Ten thousand yuan。There are workers50People,All kinds of technical personnel6People。With imported milling machine、Fine grinding and polishing machine、Edge grinding、Coating machine, such as optical equipment and related testing equipment,Spherical and plane interferometer、Spherometer、The center of detector、Identify rate detector150Sets.the,Annual output of all kinds of spherical and plane lens, etc1000More than ten thousand pieces。Professional processing enterprises in shandong province is the optical lens。
  Company specializes in all kinds of lens and related optical lenses and other optical components manufacturing and assembly,Mainly composed of single chip efficient processing,The classical processing,Efficient classical combination。 Can be processed on the basisΦ2—Φ100mmIn between,Radius of curvature in±r3—∝All kinds of plane and spherical optical parts and precious stones、Crystal, etc,At the same time can also provide users with using computer numerical control processing of various curvature radius of the ball model and the rigid disk。
  Quality indicators are as follows:Bright and clean degree can reach10-5(American standard),The error type1/6Wavelength,Eccentric can reach0.005,Parallel to the plane≤0.003。

Honesty is the tenet of our enterprise。General manager of carrying all the staff warmly welcomes the broad masses of customers at home and abroad to visit and investment、Cooperation、Negotiation、Guidance、The order。

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Double convex lens
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