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About Us

       Xi 'an le gen electronic technology co., LTD,1993Founded in,Is most complete electronic components and low voltage electrical control in the northwest of the biggest professional cell。After 20 years of hard development,Based on the northwest,Into the country,And the reasonable use of overseas strategic pattern,Is a professional distribution of domestic and foreign well-known electronic components and low-voltage electrical appliances production enterprise,ABBIs a world leader in the field of power and automation technology,Before the world500To be strong,To startABBProducts on sale window as technology and our company sincere praise。Headquarters is located in xi 'an yanta district taibai road south269Zhongtian internationalBSeat2308Room。


       Now our company has been in accordance with the management system《The company law of the People's Republic of China》Regulation works,Company strength is abundant,High reputation。Is known as《China's manufacturing enterprises for independent innovation》,《China's manufacturing industry independent research and development enterprise》,Company headquarters is equipped with,The office,The personnel......

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