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Chengdu xin cheng jia industry furniture co., LTD., the site of factory is located in chengdu, sichuan province greens of pengzhou incense The tao ,Is a set design and development、Production and sales as one of professional production of high-end engineering custom furniture enterprises,Company's technical team13The accumulation of years of experience and technology。Constantly committed to the optimization of product,Strive to provide customers with more cost-effective in the high-end custom furniture。Its products mainly include star hotel、Middle and catering、Villa clubhouse、KTV、The activities of the sales department and so on furniture and furniture。 …
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The name of the company:Chengdu xin cheng jia industry furniture co., LTD|Hotel furniture|The club furniture|Villa furniture|Restaurant furniture|Office furniture

The business manager:The temporary

Mobile phone hotline:177 8050 4030

Machine:028 66219383

Fax:028 65272061


Office address:Chengdu pengzhou