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Qidong AnSheng embellish fluid equipment co., LTD(Qidong AnSheng heavy oil equipment technology co., LTD)Is the machinery、Metallurgical industry supporting the production of lubricating equipment of professional manufacturers,Is located in qidong city, jiangsu province,Director of the triangle,With Shanghai had only,Let us worship and bridge an hour into the Shanghai metropolitan area,Sutong bridge and crisscrossed let we have very convenient transportation networks。The company registered capital 1000Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area 16600Square meters,Has two modern workshops and an office building。The company since its establishment,Based on the“Professional、Form a complete set、High performance”The product concept,For a rich range of products。Successively obtains ISO14001Quality management system、Environmental management system、The occupational health system certification、Safety management system certification、Nantong famous brand product certificate,And get more new practical patent certificate,Was named private technology enterprises in jiangsu province、Jiangsu province high and new technology enterprise、In nantong, keep the contract heavy credit enterprise。


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Reasonable lubrication method
Lubrication technology at the core of the problem is to solve the friction pair——Also is what we usually call the lubrication point of lubrication problem,For people engaged in lubrication technology application,Most attention should be the lubrication points。That is to say,No matter which way you lubrication way,Dry lubrication,Thin oil lubrication,Oil mist lubrication,Or lubrication oil and gas,Purpose is to make the lubrication point is always in the best state of lubrication。  Then,B: what kind of lubrication lubrication points really need?If oil added, the better?The answer is no。 Lubrication points,Friction pair is running under a state of full film lubrication is an ideal situation
2017-09-22 10:27
Dry oil(Grease)Lubrication system
Among various kinds of mechanical equipment,In addition to the widely use thin oil lubrication,Also used in many of the friction pair of the grease(Hereinafter referred to as dry oil)Lubrication。For example:Some of the friction pair of bf top equipment;Furnace steelmaking workshop tilting mechanism of the ring gear meshing area;All kinds of metallurgical crane some lubricating points;Rolling mill bearing seat and the frame window of the plane friction pair;Straightening machine straightening roller bearings,Some of the friction pair of shearing machine;The bearing roller group。According to the friction pair is different,Don't have a single dispersed lubrication method(By artificial regularly with fatliquoring add grease gun to lubricating points or grease cup);Others because of the friction pair
2017-09-22 10:25
Oil mist lubrication principle, characteristics and applications
1.Lubrication theory: Oil mist lubrication is to use the high-speed flow of compressed air,After oil mist lubricating oil distributor atomized liquid into tiny oil particles,Form a mixture of air and oil particles, oil mist,Although to be lubricated parts,Through condensation mouth will tiny oil particles into larger particles,Then enter the friction pair,Dispersion in different parts,Form the oil film,The lubrication effect,At the same time, oil mist form positive pressure inside the bearing seat,Have the effect of blocking the dirt into。 2.Product characteristics: 1)Oil mist can diffuse to the friction pair parts,Have a good and uniform lubricating effect。 
2017-09-22 10:24

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