Mechanical and electrical products sales

Product sales

China electronic science and technology(Shanghai)Machine limited company subordinates In the electrical center2007Years10Month was established,Have professional camp Sales team。The main agent Japan yaskawa motor related flooding Move、Control products and industrial robots。Products involved in servo motor、Low voltage frequency converter、Motion controller, etc。In addition,Mechanical and electrical center also agent for the man-machine interface、The speed reducer、Switching power supply and other industrial control necessary peripheral components...[For details]
The system integration development

Integrated development

Mechanical and electrical center has the abundant technical strength,For the different needs of users of different industries to provide design and development of electromechanical integration system solutions。Up to the overall distributed control system partial functional unit,Whether to the new development of machinery, equipment or upgrading of existing machine users,From the technical index of investigation and confirmation to retrofit scheme provides、The implementation,Until the final debugging all can work closely with the user,Remove the user's worries...[For details]
Technical after-sales service

Technical service

Mechanical and electrical center technical service class is mainly responsible for pre-sale users provide consulting and product selection and after-sale technical problem、Integration equipment commissioning and commissioning service on site、Product maintenance services、As well as the maintenance spare parts selling。We have a maintenance qualification certificate issued by the authority of the yaskawa frequency converter,Yaskawa servo,Yaskawa frequency after-sales maintenance work...[For details]
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China electronic science and technology(Shanghai)Co., LTD. Is from JapanSUNWA-TECHNOSCo., a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai。 SUNWA-TECHNOSCorporation is Japan's listed companies,Since1949Years since its founding,Dedicated to provide customers with advanced technology and products,At the same time as manufacturers provide a new valuable market information,Make the company become the bridge and the link between the customer and manufacturer。
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