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Organic fertilizer equipment production base in China

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 Focused on fertilizer machinery industry for 20 years
After 20 years development,Become the most professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturing base in China

Through various kinds of fertilizer development process,For fertilizer production technology and development trend of fertilizer has a lot of knowledge accumulation and original ideas;
Twenty years accumulated rich industry experience,Provide customers with the most suitable factory and the way of development。

Seek development by innovation,With innovation strength
Everbright is new type fertilizer industry technology leader

We constantly introduce advanced technology at home and abroad,Such as drying copy board layout imported from France,Solve the problem of the traditional dryer in the production of high concentration compound fertilizer to dry。At the same time the company on the basis of the original technology is constantly developing new technology or product。

 Thirty invention patent,Is the best for us
Walking in front of the world,Hope to walk with you!

The company on the basis of the original technology, continuously developing new technology or product,More, have been applied for a patent for invention,Make the enterprise in the industry,Is the new fertilizer industry technology leader。

 Environmental protection perspective,Children of the benefit of future generations
Energy conservation and emissions reduction,Energy conservation and environmental protection

Company corresponding countries call for energy saving and emission reduction,Product is very particular about how to reduce energy consumption、Energy conservation and environmental protection problems,Realize win-win customers and environmental protection,Is a bear the community enterprises for the client。

 Lifetime after-sales service,Let you look easy
Pioneering lifetime after-sales service in the industry,Let you look easy

Company high-quality after-sales service is the cornerstone of enterprise development,My company can provide from the early stage of the factory、Medium-term equipment manufacture、The installation,The late equipment debugging、Personnel training through-train service,Solve customer's worries。

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Qingdao symbiotic tang company
Qingdao symbiotic tang company

The intermittent method granulation production line,Is the weifang xin fu machinery in compound fertilizer equipment manufacturing co., LTD2007Qingdao symbiotic fertilizer for our Japan co., LTD., exclusive design of intermittent disk granulation production equipment。Until now still in normal operation,To produce...

Jiang Xirui bothe tang co., LTD
Jiang Xirui bothe tang co., LTD

In may this year we tried the shandong weifang xin fu ball type prilling nozzle of compound fertilizer equipment manufacturing co., LTD。We think this is a very good ball type prilling nozzle after then,Compared with other manufacturers of nozzle is simple,Disassembly is convenient,Not easy to wear and tear...

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Xi 'an everbright machinery equipment co., LTD is composed of the original soil phosphate fertilizer plant restructuring state-owned enterprises。Is the production3-30Ten thousand tons of organic fertilizer equipment、Organic and inorganic fertilizer equipment、Provide fertilizer equipment、Drum steam after mixed(Close)Fertilizer equipment、Urea formaldehyde fertilizer equipment、Amino acid fertilizer equipment、Ammonia chemical fertilizer equipment、All solution spray fertilizer equipment、Urea-based spray fertilizer equipment、Fat extrusion equipment、BBFertilizer equipment of professional manufacturers。Xin fu national service hotline:。

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Product the goods time how to calculate?
Received customer's advance payment and contract stamped and returned(He received a the latest)Began to calculate the goods time,The time of delivery...
What method of payment?
All use30%In advance,Payment of balance payment to be settled before shipment。...
How long does it take to general quotation?
After engineers understand the information of your company,To make you a most suitable solution,In the quotation3-5Workdays...
Need to provide what information inquiry?
You can through the following six ways:1To inquire、2Fax consultation、3The mail(xinfujixie@126.com)Consultation...
How to determine if we are not cheater company?
Answer:Customers can through weifang industrial and commercial bureau website,Enter xin fu compound fertilizer equipment co., LTD. Weifang query me...

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