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  • The factory address:Zhaoqing city, guangdong province high and new technology industry development zone industrial park of linjiang xinglong street, five1Number
  • Pass The true:0758-3602081
  • The zip code:526238
MORECompany profile


In order to adapt to the demand of world economic development,2007In zhaoqing Oriental aluminum industry co., LTD. Toyo aluminum industry co., LTD and Shanghai trading co., LTD. Jointly funded loose end。The company registered capital3335Thousands of dollars,Located in zhaoqing city, guangdong province, national hi-tech industrial development zone,Divided into aluminum slurry division and function of electronic materials division,Is divided into three periods of construction。


The first phase of the project area22343.21M2,Production and sales coating aluminum silver paste,Annual output2000Tons,Is the toyo、The Oriental、French Oriental after the fourth aluminum silver paste production base,In2008To formally put into production。


The second phase of the project area32050.11M2,Production of solar cells back membrane,Annual output4000WanM2(Equivalent of solar cells5GW),In2010In formal production。


The third phase of the project area10097.53M2,Production of solar cells with aluminum paste,Annual output3000Tons(Equivalent of solar cells6GW),In2011In formal production。


Company in the third phase of projects2010Years10Month、2011Years5Month、2011Years10By monthSGSReview,ObtainedISO9001:2008AndISO14001:2008Dual certification, And in2013Years1Received“Hazardous chemical materials safety standardization level 3 companies”Certificate。


As zhaoqing Oriental aluminum industry co., LTD. Toyo aluminum industry co., LTD was established in the parent company1931Years,By sumitomo corporation and Canadian aluminum group(ALCAN)Jointly established。As the aluminum foil and its processed products in the production of top enterprises,Developed a variety of types of products。In addition,1957In Oriental aluminum industry production and sales of aluminum silver paste in Japan for the first time(Coating with aluminum pigments)。


Toyo aluminum industry co., LTD by developing products to meet customer demand,Create colorful life for the society。