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A sea of fisheye

A sea of fisheye

There is a small fish in a small when he was on shore,Fishermen who read it is too small,But it's very beautiful,It is as a gift for her daughter。 The little girl put it in a fish tank to raise up...[For details]

【Ma inspirational story】My success is not accidental

He:An ugly aliens,A university got three fools,A Ordinary teacher normal university,A layman don't know anything about computers,A has been called Cheat...[For details]

Buck:One cent
Huang Bo:Awake,Is a kind of attitude towards life
Steve jobs:Make every day of my life
Starting with gray bosses:The founder of motion

Collection is recommended

  • Sister lotus become motivational goddess

    Sister lotus, formerly Shi Hengxia,1977Born in wu gong county of shaanxi province a ordinary households。1996Years,She was admitted to shaanxi institute of technology...[In more detail]

  • The puzzling promoted

    Zhang SAN at work has asked the progress from the beginning,But,Are striving to now48Years old,As a soldier!Zhang SAN's opposition...[In more detail]

  • Grassroots little wonders of life

    If there is《March of the penguins》An epic is about birds,《Migratory birds》Is about to fly a psalm,Then《Bliss》...[In more detail]

  • Xiao huang qi:You are my eyes

    1976In xiao huang qi was born with congenital cataract,He came to this world,But don't know this world is like,At the age of four...[In more detail]

  • No broken heart,No tears of pain

    1、There are two things do not look straight,One is the sun,The second is the heart。 2、A smile is defeated forever,A drop of tears...[In more detail]

  • Wang Han:Prepared to do everything by heart

    1996Years,He graduated from hunan TV broadcasting school。A secondary specialized school students' it was hard to find a foothold in television...[In more detail]