Weifang agricultural machinery co., LTDLocated in the hometown of Chinese vegetables----Weifang in shandong province(Shouguang),The company is a production and sales of quilt machine、Greenhouse engineering construction and shutter machine quilt factory in greenhouse。
Always keep to the quality as the life,Take the market as the guidance,To the credibility of development,Powered by technology,For the purpose of win-win business philosophy,Guarantee quality products which with high quality and efficiency,Comprehensive after-sales service,Solve customer's worries,To support agriculture, rural areas and farmers construction to make due contributions。
Chairman of the board of directors of the company is willing to cooperate with production、A variety of forms such as distribution agents and all,A total of figure、Create great!

Insulation is quilting machine needle fixed when how to do…
Before the stitching of heat preservation was quilting machine,You must clean and lubrication,Insulation is quilting machine needle turns motionless when how to do?To do the following:  (1)Feed…

Heat preservation was quilting machine
Quilting machine
Quilt quilting machine
Greenhouse quilt quilting machine
Greenhouse quilt machine
Greenhouse quilt factory
4M specializing quilt machine woven cloth
6M specializing quilt machine woven cloth
Rain quilt machine
Quilt machine
Automatic cutting head dozen buckle meter machine
Automatic cutting head dozen buckle meter machine

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