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Professional No XiHui rand composite materials co., LTD is located in jiangsu industrial city----Wuxi,The transportation is convenient,Advanced science and technology。The factory specializing in the production of various models“Plate”Products,The daylighting of the tile production、Glass fiber reinforced plastic tile、Model steel tile、Synthetic resin tile、Sunshine board and other products is easy to install、Earthquake、Corrosion protection、Environmental protection free from contamination、The sustainable utilization, etc。In line with the enterprise“The good faith、Cooperation、Development”Our tenet,At the same time of creating benefits for society,Also won the social generous returns,At the same time also set a good public image。...[More and more]







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Sunshine board characteristics and role of ecological restaurant greenhouses
Sunshine board ecological restaurant is adoptedpcPlate as a kind of cover material also known as the greenhouse ecological restaurantpcPlate greenhouses,Then use the sunshine board board construction of ecology...
Sunshine board little common sense
Sunshine board​Processing must be used when cleaning60℃Under warm water rinse。
Sunshine board characteristics and role of ecological restaurant greenhouses
Sunshine board little common sense
Honeycomb type sunshine board sunshine board USES
PCSunshine board:No broken glass
PCThe best choice of the sunshine board greenhouse ventilation system

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    Knowledge sharing:Daylighting features and installation method of

      Daylighting tile also called transparent tile、Pervious to light tile、Bright、Light shade、Plate、Lighting and so on,Mainly used for building roof lighting use。Because the traditional tile material with corrosion resistance to weathering、Anti-aging and impact、Transparent lighting、Beautiful shape、Sex price...[To learn more]

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    No XiHui rand lighting watts of light transmittance can be arbitrary control

    Architectural lighting tile to must have:High light transmittance、Weather resistance、Good impact resistance、Good tensile strength、High hardness、Life is long、Low thermal conductivity,Lighting with continuous molding、Unlimited extension、Light weight, high strength、Ageing resistance、Through...[To learn more]