Putian city Carrie trade development co., LTD. Headquarters is located in putian city area,Is a professional engaged in the development of industry,Industry and trade integration, manufacturing and import and export trade enterprises,Production and sales of water skiing shoes,Indoor shoes,Football shoes,Beach drag, etc。Products are exported to Europe and the United States,The Middle East,Africa,South America,Oceania and so on all over the world。

      The company since its inception,Under the support of customers,By all“Scarlett is all that matters”The bold、Struggle,Economic indicators to double every year,Continuously improve product quality and technical content,Production and operation business。 Carrie to company“To exploit、And progress、Pragmatic、Innovation”For the purpose。"Quality,The delivery date,The price,Speed,Service”Is the company's commitment to the general new old customers。 Welcome new and old customers to visit our company、Guidance、Business negotiations!

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  • Diamond wire sawGLS2-01
  • Diamond corrugated sheetGLJ5-01
  • Dry sliceGLJ1-01
  • Single corrugated grinding wheel GLJ2-03
  •  Diamond renovationGLM5
  • GLSS011
  • GLSS009
  • GLMSC001
  • GLCSC004
  • GLCSC002
  • GLAS019
  • GLAS013
  • GLAS010
  • GLAS007
  • GLAS003