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Al group

        Al international co., LTD(Japan)Was established2001Years,Society established in chiba prefecture, Japan chiba twin towers,The President:Mr BaiMuLong males;Al international co., LTD,2001Since,In China has successively established yantai al fu plastic co., LTD(The joint venture)、Foshan nanhai al fu plastic co., LTD(Cooperation)、Yantai al fu packaging materials co., LTD(Sole proprietorship)、Foshan nanhai al f engineering plastics co., LTD(The joint venture)、Zhaoyuan yi cheng packaging materials co., LTD(Sole proprietorship)Such as five productive company。Each member company can not only produce plastic packaging、Paper packaging products、Plastic no warp knitting net、Plastic renewable particles、Automobile motorcycle plastic parts、Engineering plastic products、Plastic sheet、Rubber plastic products and so on several categories of products。Still can undertake all kinds of plastic raw materials、Plastic renewable particles、Plastic machinery、Textiles、Iron products、Paper products import and export trade。All the members of the company's annual production capacity of various kinds of plastic products4More than ten thousand tons,The cartons200Wan㎡,Annual turnover 1Million dollars。

       Al blessing with superior quality、Reasonable price、Sincerely service wholeheartedly welcome the masses of customers patronage!

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Has the abundant technical strength

The development and production of high temperature resistant conveyor belt to replace the imported products

Product quality is guaranteed

A rubber products as one of the rubber equipment suppliers


Delivery on time,CRD

All aspects of the reform actively、Strengthening quality management


—— Corporate philosophy ——


The customer is supreme People-oriented

       Companies adhere to the enterprise theory of development is the absolute principle,Adhere to the science and technology is a priority of the productive forces,Adhere to quality assurance,Credibility

Guarantee,Service guarantee business philosophy,Innovation,This company isAl fu packaging materials co., LTDCompany development and production of high temperature resistant to transportReplaced the imported products。

—— Product display ——

Product display

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With innovation · The good faith · Professional dedication · Striving for development purposes

Al as one of large plastic equipment suppliers,To provide

Effective cleansing clean plastic equipment,And engaged in various types of equipment manufacturing company for the company development and production of high temperature resistant conveyor belt to replace the imported products;Development of anti static electrostatic rubber sheet。

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